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"Enneachotomy" explores the dark side of human psychology creating parallels with the forces and elements of Nature. Nine tracks of Elemental Black Metal combine raw sonority with natural and ambient interludes.
Music video for "Still Ambiance": www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDYZRr8XWlY


released May 21, 2012

Music written by Æminus and Hugo.
Lyrics written by Nekruss.
All arrangements by Everto Signum.

Vocals performed by Nekruss.
Guitars performed by Æminus and Hugo.
Bass performed by Æminus.
Drums performed by G.

Mixed and mastered by Nekruss.
Logo and artwork by Infected Minds.



all rights reserved


Everto Signum Coimbra, Portugal

Elemental Black Metal from Coimbra, Portugal.

Band members:
~ Nekruss
~ Æminus
~ Igniferum

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Track Name: Insane Ocean
The inner tempest grows, accumulating insanity.
The ocean raises waves, breeding brutality.
Splashing bursts of foam, the fan of anxiety.
A battle with the storm in the everlasting war.

We were conceived with no reason to be,
Carried by rivers to the unknown frontier.
We all are blazes in the swarm of clouds,
That glow for a moment and then disappear…

Dive in the waves, merge with the chaos inside…
The spring is captivating with its howling thunder roars…

To win or to lose, to be worshipped or abused,
To go to the bottom or to stay afloat?
To continue the struggle with self
Or to hide under the reality’s shelf,
Accepting the stormy chaos within oneself?
Track Name: Gale of Hatred
The long-awaited arrival from the overpowering horror
To an abandoned shore of sorrow,
Where the violent gale reigns,
The mighty whirlwind of hatred and pain,
In symphony with the ocean’s immense disdain.

Sweeping everything on its way, the enraged form of air,
Simultaneous exhalation of the gathered despair.
Sweeping everything on its way,
Attacking again and again!

A force without direction, an incontrollable madness
In the name of what was lost and shall never be regained.
But the time is passing by and those who were defiled
Will be dead or excused for a while.

A whirlwind of hatred and pain…
A symphony of total disdain…

The senses are coming to an end,
With them, the wind is calming down.

Freedom, freedom, an unobtained wisdom!
The dust of betrayed trust!
With the desire to impose frustration,
The gale requests the next liberation!
Track Name: Crying Ridge
Lifeless crests of the great ridge pierce the sky,
The summer sun caresses stone-made knives.

Doomed to be alone in this undiscovered place…

Peaks give birth to crystalline teary creeks,
The firmness of the earth distorts under the sentence of the light!
Griefful mountains hypnotizing, melting, crying, purifying.

Falling in the cenotaph of the grief at the dusk,
Feel the night’s oncoming,
Rest in the shades of the ridge until the end of time.
Track Name: Fire, Feast and Lust
Leave the fiery bite in the forest to illuminate
The night with the burning of centennial principles.
For its growth shall not become a place to refuge,
A safe circle of despite.

The grace of fire consumes all the matter touched
And generates the energy to support the lust.

Feed the flame, destroy the enemies appearing on the path,
Purge the melancholy of gloomy days,
Bring the melancholy to the glowing flames!

A wicked fascination of uniform extermination,
The raging tongues licking life, denying life,
The teeming ground turns wasteland in transcendental scenery
Of the natural creation that no more exists.

This is the destination of any being
Who faces the manifesting feast
That kills and falls asleep…
Track Name: Mental Quake
The threat is coming from below, from the bowels of the earth,
The plain is cracking up, the level of adrenaline is high.
There is no escape, no tentative to run!

A fast deconstruction, the sentiments’ refraction.
An entrance to the abyss, the inflictor of fears.
The fears reveal with the pulses in the mind.
Track Name: Still Ambiance
Soul still…
Tranquility and silence last forever,
Until the awakening of the four powers, again.
A belief in the resurrection, refreshed,
Without memories, without past…
Drained forces, immobile body…

Empty, cold, rough thoughts, last breath…
Track Name: Passage of Violence
The canyon’s surrounding walls
Form the road invaded by the wild airstream,
The patrol without sense of mercy,
The predator in the autumnal sunset.

Go towards the ambivalence of violence
In search for a deceptive throne.
The wind’s majestic guidance shall drive on!

To walk with him among the barriers of sin on a bloodstained path,
Impelled by the sibilant chant of death to leave more corpses behind!

Towards the ambivalence of violence
In search for a deceptive throne.
The wind’s majestic guidance shall drive on!

Rape for tears, kill for blood,
Have the words in mind: “Any day is a good day to die.”
Track Name: Rain Drop Melody
Twilight blinds the eyes,
The hearing picks up the sound
Of the grain falling on solid soil
In front of this desperate rocky chamber.

Sadness of the winter’s prophecy
Transmits with the rain drop melody.
Cave, the only shelter
To save from the disillusion of the world.

Why is it so cruel and unfair?
Why is it so hypocrite and lacking?
Track Name: At Vent's End
Descending the stairs engraved in stench and smoke
To reach the fiery core, to be branded by the demon’s seal of life.
Step by step, going down with the mystic symbols entourage,
Cascades of lava streams flow through the volcano’s mouth.
Moving forth, to meet the fate, to dispel doubts and distrusts,
The final aim of no return, the place of redemption.

Din, eruption, fire, destruction,
Explosions, panic, death…
Lifetime pictures, kaleidoscopic instants,
Self-contempt, unpredictable end…

Day by day, going down with the mystic symbols entourage,
Cascades of massive lava streams flow out of the volcano’s mouth,
Dying forth, unblessed by the fate, distrusts and doubts are now dispelled,
The final aim of no return in a place of the redemption.